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  • Cable plowing

  • Micro trenching

  • Conduit placement & management

    • Electrical & communication

    • Micro duct

    • Micro jetting

    • Fiber jetting – Jetting has become an industry standard, replacing the traditional “pull method”. We have the technology and expertise to jet fiber, multi-duct and microfiber through various conduits, including conduit containing existing product.

    • Conduit rodding (see directional drilling)

  • Vault & manhole placement – of any size, shape, or make-up.

  • Excavation & trenching – NNE has the technology to cut pavement, saw rock, and even hammer rock with up to 12,000 lbs. of hydraulic thrust. All of our equipment operators are certified, highly skilled, and have years of experience in excavation. Their understanding of excavation safety procedures in public places, as well as on private property is unsurpassed. Safety and quality control are of the utmost importance. 

  • Additionally, our excavation teams are safety trained regarding all material classifications of Types A, B, & C (sand, clay, caliche, hardpan, rock, etc.). We always use the proper traffic control procedures and traffic barriers on all projects involving roadways. All our equipment is inspected daily by their operators and serviced and maintained by our experienced mechanical technicians. We are zero cut excavators. 

  • We have the means of locating underground utilities using locators and soft dig equipment, and put a high priority on protecting all existing utilities during excavation.

  • Storm water retention work SWPPP for NDEP & EPA compliancy

  • Water lines, septic tanks, sewage systems & leech lines.

  • All types of grading

  • Licensed for all utilities

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