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  • Complete tower builds (including concrete foundations, grounding and electrical), design, retrofit, upgrade, repair, maintenance at any height and access via crane, bucket truck, gin pole, trained & certified climbers, snow cat or helicopter.

  • Cellular of all types

  • Monopoles, guy towers, self-support, & lite site/ballast block for remote locations.

  • Microwave and Point-to-Point Wireless

    • Build, maintain, and install up to 16 foot radomes. 

  • Pathing & Sweeping

  • Pim Testing

  • Azmuth and downtilt setting & testing to .3 degrees for all cellular & microwave applications.

  • Routine repair and maintenance services.

    • Currently perform services under contract for:

      • State of Nevada on government microwave equipment

      • Private communication site developers

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